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Mineral Blocks

Calcium is an important part of the budgerigars' diet.

Many of us offer calcium suppliments, cuttle bone, crushed oyster shell, and various grits to ensure they get plenty of calcium needed for bone growth... and egg production in the hens.

I add liquid calcium to the drinking water on a regular basis, doubling the dose in the weeks leading up to and during breeding season. Calci-Vet by Vetafarm (Aus) is the product I use when available. This liquid calcium is easily absorbed by the bird.

I also offer Mineral Blocks year around. Large blocks in the flights and mini versions in the breeding and stock cages. The birds love to gnaw on them.

Mineral Blocks are available from most pet supplies stores, but it is easy to make your own.


(Ingredients vary from batch to batch depending on availability)..

6 Parts - Calcium Carbonate (Food Grade)

3 Parts - Non-Toxic Clay

1 Part - Sea Sand (or Shell Grit)

1 Part - Bone Meal

1 Part - Crushed Cuttlebone

1 Part - Chick Grit (Crushed Granite)

1 Part - Crushed Oyster Shell (Fine)

1 Part - Mineralized Grit

1 Part - Charcoal

1 Part - Powdered Kelp/Seaweed (for Iodine)

1 Part - Crushed Egg Shells

1 Tablespoon - Coarse Sea Salt

Directions: Pour filtered water into a jug and let sit overnight.

Mix all ingredients, then gradually add water until you have a thick soupy mixture. Make sure it is thoroughly mixed.. then pour into moulds and let stand until the blocks are solid. Remove from the moulds and allow to stand 24-48 hours until blocks are dry.

Note: Food Grade Calcium Carbonate is sometimes soft when it dries. If you prefer a harder block increase the amount of Clay and add a little Plaster of Paris.

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