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How To Quarantine New Birds


Why Quarantine?:

In general there are two reasons to quarantine all new birds.

#1 - To protect against introducing and disease or infections your new birds may be carrying.

and #2 - To allow time for the new acquisitions to adjust to their new environment, new feed, and flora (bacteria) in your aviary.

If you were to immediately mix new birds in amongst your existing stock both groups of birds may soon show signs they are off-color and feeling ill.

This does not mean either group is carrying a disease or infection. Both groups are adjusting to the new flora they are suddenly exposed to.

Quarantining new birds affords them a chance to gradually adjust to their new environment and protects your existing stock in the process.

How To Quarantine New Birds:

Phase 1 - New birds should be housed in a holding cage, in a separate room, or area away from your main birdroom.

During the first 28 days they should be fed only your normal seed mix and soaked spray millet.

During this time I also treat for megabacteria (Megac-S by Vetafarm - 10 days) and trichomoniasis/canker (Ronivet 12% by Vetafarm - 7 days... with a week of probiotics in between.

During this period take care to wash your hands before entering your birdroom after being with the quarantined birds.

Phase 2 - Take 2 lesser birds from your flight and place in the holding cage with the new birds.

Continue same feed regime.

Watch either group of birds for any sign of illness... ruffled feathers, excessive sleeping, listfulness etc.

After 14 days, assuming all is well, transfer the birds to a small flight cage in your birdroom... but a good distance from your flight and breeding cages.

Phase 3 - After an additional 7 days add a couple more birds from your flight.

Feed should now be your standard seeds, veges, softfood and grit.... with fresh water daily.

After another 14 days, again assuming their are no signs of illness, all birds can be moved to the flight cage.

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