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Sprouting Seed

My birds get sprouted seed most days each week, year round.

Care must be taken to ensure the seed does not sour of go mouldy, otherwise the birds will become ill.

Racehorse Oats are the seeds most frequently soaked and sprouted, but occassionally mung beans, lentils, or mixed seeds are used.

The birds relish soaked and sprouted seed, especially when feeding young. Sprouted seed is an excellent way to include softfood and suppliments to their diet.

Soaked Oats

Soaking Oats - Step 1... First add cold or luke warm water until totally covered then soak for 12 hours.

Washing Soaked Oats

Step 2 - After 12 hours drain and wash the oats. You will be surprised how discolored the water you soaked them in for the initial 12 hours is. Pour cold water over the oats until they are thoroughly washed and the water runs clean. Then soak for another 12 hours and repeat the process.

Rinsing Soaked Oats

Step 3 - After soaking and washing for 24 hours the oats are transfered to a colendar with mesh or small holes the water can drain through. The oats are now rinsed/washed 2-3 times a day, until small white roots start to appear.

Sprouted Oats

Step 4 - When small roots start to appear it is time to start feeding to the birds. When intoducing to your birds do not feed too many initially but gradually increase the amount. I have several "bowls" going at one time so we feed oats at various stages of germination... from small roots beginning to show - to sprouts that are 2-3" long.

Add Softfood

Step 5 - If you wish to increase protein intake you can always sprinkle or mix in egg food or other supplements. I mix my own"softfood" consisting of dried breadcrumbs, powdered egg, non-medicated chick starter crumbs, gamebird grower crumbs, powdered kelp, EMP eggfood, Hormova, and a commercial nestling food.

The soaked seed is thoroughly rinsed and drained then the softfood is added, mixed in, and allowed to sit for 5-10 minutes so the crumbles absorb any moisture and soften.


To supply additional animal protein freeze-dried mealworms are soaked in warm water for several minutes to plump them up, then added to the mix.

Mealworms are a great natural animal protein source.. 50% Protein & 25% Fat... Once they get the taste the budgies love them and will pick them out of the feed before they touch anything else.

Sprouted Seed Mix

Ready for the feeding frenzy.. Vegetables, Sprouted Oats & Mealworms are mixed and fed to breeding cages and the flights.

This is fed in the morning and again late afternoon during the breeding season. Any leftovers are removed before lights out.

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